Microsoft Career

Chun Ming is Microsoft’s technical program manager, working on search and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for Bing search and Azure cloud for 6 years. He built prototypes, published a patent as solo inventor around software for searching non-web, proprietary big data and managed teams to further develop the software for use by Microsoft’s business to business (B2B) clients.

Customer Lead Gen for Sales and Marketing with Dun&Bradstreet

Initially, the software was used to increase the searchability of company contacts data on Bing (Contact person name, phone numbers, emails etc.) collected by the S&P500 enterprise Dun&Bradstreet (D&B) and stored on D&B’s Azure cloud.

Figure 1: End user experience when searching for names, phone numbers and email of decision makers, influencers from companies like citigroup in Los Angeles California
After clicking on ‘Click To Access” in figure 1, end users will land on the Azure marketplace page where they can see the contact names, phone numbers and emails of key people in Citigroup.

Searching for company contacts data was meant to help startups affiliated with Microsoft Ventures in customer lead generation, but this scenario was prematurely ended to respect the General Data Privacy Protection (GDPR) act and avoid legal liabilities in 2016. You can read an illustrative example of showcasing private personal contact info in his legal patent titled “Intelligent Tabular Big Data Presentation In Search Environment” which Chun Ming somehow convinced his Microsoft patent attorney to include before GDPR.

Space Satellite Data Search with NASA

Chun Ming pivoted to another scenario, connecting with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s  (NASA) former Chief Technical Officer Deborah Diaz to improve the discoverability of big data collected by NASA’s satellites and space operations such as Earth’s light pollution/ cloud cover. Collaborating with NASA is motivated by his desire to enable humankind as a spacefaring civilization and his childhood dream to become an astronaut. But he grew up to realize that the speed of NASA’s rockets/ satellites speeds is different from the speed of response from a federal government agency like NASA. Responses from NASA was not as fast as he expected so he cut this scenario.

Intelligent Fashion Retail Product Catalogue Search with Nordstrom

He shifted his focus again, applying the search software on the US fashion retailer Nordstrom’s fashion product catalogue data for their eCommerce efforts. Eventually the software helped Nordstrom increase ads click through rate (CTR) on their fashion product catalogue by 5.9%.

Finding New Opportunities from Old Setbacks

Although the work with D&B for customer lead generation was unable to produce any results, the journey led Chun Ming to connect with one of America’s top 5 marketing and business strategy consultant, Jay Abraham, who has made about $2 billion for himself and his clients in various industries.

The big data exploration with NASA went nowhere, but Chun Ming discussed with NASA’s CTO Deborah Diaz how NASA can be involved another organization called the Arch Mission Foundation that advances and protects humanity’s knowledge over long time scales by archiving data off-planet. This is achieved using space-grade storage devices that can store hundreds of terabytes in a form that can survive extreme cold, radiation environments in space for billions of years. Chun Ming is now an adviser for the Arch Mission Foundation. So far, devices storing the science fiction book series trilogy Foundation by Isaac Asimov has been placed on Elon’s Tesla Roadster, launched off Space X’s Falcon Heavy Rocket in Feb 2018 and circling around the Solar System. Another device storing the whole Wikipedia English corpus is scheduled to land on the Moon in Feb 2019 by Israel’s SpaceIL organization. 

With the right strategic planning and intermediate checkpoints, new ventures don’t have to be an everything or nothing outcome!

Start Ups

Translate Abroad Computer Vision Mobile App

When Chun Ming was an undergrad at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and a masters student at the University of California Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he co-founded and built the computer vision company, Translate Abroad, that let’s you translate real world Asian text (e.g. Street signs, food menus) using your phone’s camera. The company was inspired by an exchange program to Beijing’s Tsing Hua University where he realized Americans struggle to navigate around China due to language barriers. As a Singaporean fluent in English and Chinese, his vision was to help westerners better connect with Asian languages and culture.

Consulting Engagements

Chun Ming has advised companies on machine learning projects for Japanese firms like the eCommerce company Digital Media Mart (DMM) who was Microsoft Venture’s partner in Tokyo.

He also taught undergraduates at the University of California (UC) Berkeley as a lecturer on topics in AI and advised a project to build an AI virtual tutor for educational games.


Unlike his  engineering and research peers who have published multiple patents, Chun Ming has published only one patent so far as solo inventor titled “Intelligent Tabular Big Data Presentation In Search Environment” that was used by multiple companies like the US fashion retailer Nordstrom and the business credit scoring company Dun&Bradstreet.


Physics research on search algorithms that use quantum computing at the National University of Singapore’s Center for Quantum Technologies. Title: Quantum entanglement in the Grover Search Algorithm published in Physics Letters A.

Coauthored information retrieval research paper on how to rank documents for search queries that don’t occur frequently (i.e. Torso Queries) which was accepted by an international conference hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in Pisa Italy 2016. Of 340 papers submitted, 18% were accepted. Title: Click-based Hot Fixes for Underperforming Torso Queries